You made it here because you are looking for a different approach to make your fitness results last a lifetime with efforts that fit into your busy work and family schedules. Functionally Fit Custom Fitness is dedicated to helping men and women transform their bodies and their lifestyle with custom designed, age-appropriate fitness training and nutrition strategy programs.  

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Personal Training for Improved Strength, Health, and Weight loss.

When personal training for improved strength, health or  weight loss, you will immediately experience a Feel Great First effect. 

When choosing services with Functionally Fit Custom Fitness,

creation of customized  programs that help get your body  into the best shape of your life.  

Your needs and goals  is our top priority.   Local residents of the Glenview and Northbrook Illinois areas can easily begin to look and feel great with an expert by their side  in and out of the gym.  You will get all the support you need to keep you on track and accountable.

The first step to get started locally is to fill out your name and email below in the- For More Information, Get in Touch- sections below. You will be contacted within 24 hours to answer all of your questions and see if we are a good fit for you!


Lifestyle & Weight Loss Programs- Powered With MyCoach

Functionally Fit Online Nutrition Services supports lifestyle modifications & weight loss strategies for the reduction of chronic disease risk factors with education, habits, and  lessons delivered through email or smartphone and tablet technology.  

  •  Stay connected to your goals with self monitoring and accountability outside of the gym!

  • Making changes happen even at the most inconvenient days of your busy life will be easy when you have your nutritional guidance programs dialed-in at your fingertips every day without waiting for an appointment. 

  • Get and Stay Fit longer while using a personalized web-based multi-platform of nutrition, and lifestyle coaching program.  

  • Enjoy access to your coach one-on-one. Lessons, practices, and daily reminders will be easy to follow and convenient for on-the-go solutions to get in the best shape of your life faster.  

  • To learn more about transforming your nutrition to a simple and doable eating plan please fill in your name and email below and we will contact you within 24 hours.


Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life Means:

  • Achieving Success of Looking and Feeling Your Best.  
  • Real Lasting Changes to rejuvenate strength, lose fat, and improve health requires a different approach.  

The main focus of entering a fitness program with Functionally Fit Custom Fitness in Glenview is to strategically help you improve your exercise and eating habits- all within the context of it fitting seamlessly into your regular daily life.  

What Happy Clients Have to Say

Jen, age 47, North Carolina

"Good Nutrition Coach With Sound Advice."

Even on vacation I managed to think about what I was putting in my body because I knew the next day VickieJo would be following up with me and my daily progress. Being connected helped me make choices that I wouldn't regret the next day.

Joan, age..over 65. Deerfield

Functionally Fit Personal Training is an all around process for the feel good result. It will help you eat better using tailored to you food concepts, move better, again using tailored to you exercise plans and the ultimate goal to feel better based on how well you can do your part when you are involved in the program.

Sally G.

 At first I was nervous about getting started with a trainer because I was so out of shape (I could barely pick up a 5 pound weight without effort).  Vickie Jo instantly put me at ease. 

Sally's Husband Tom

My husband is also now training with Vickie Jo.  We feel we are on the right track to reach our optimum fitness – we each have different “trouble” areas (my knees for example) and she works with our strengths and to improve our weaknesses. 

Sally & Tom G, Glenview

My Wife was so impressed, so she joined in the fun!

I can highly recommend Vickie Jo.  She worked with me after I was finished with physical therapy following double shoulder replacements.   She came to our home, worked closely with me and designed a strength training routine that kept my shoulder strong, as well as, my total body condition.  My wife was so impressed that she joined in personal training the fun.  That was a very good period in my life thanks to Vickie Jo's help. 

 Burt & Carol, - Highland Park


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Training atThe Trainer’s Club

  • The Trainer's Club 
  • 151 Pfingsten Road, Deerfield, IL 60015.   Unit C-D
  •  Individual and semi-private sessions   in an environment  with undivided attention that focuses on you.  
  • Be confident with yourself while learning proper exercise designed just for you and your schedule. 

Championship Martial Arts, Northbrook

In-Home Training, Work-site Programs, Parks, Hotels, Charity events, and Fitness Challenges.

  •  Vickie Jo Frego, Functionally Fit,  is independent and brings personal training & weight loss programs to you. 
  • Have your own group? -Make your own small Group Personal Training & Weight Loss Challenges. Let's Set your price together!
  • Limited to 10 mile radius.
  • Send Us a Message to find out more!