How Is Functionally Fit Different From Other Fitness Programs?

While there are some great programs out there, most are generic, and lack accountability and motivation.  This is a fitness program custom built and meant to work with your lifestyle. Exercise alone won’t get the results you want.  My programs combine 3 main components:  

  • Exercise, 
  • Daily Nutritional Habits
  • Mindset Motivation through Progress Checkups on Behavioral Lifestyle Change.  

So, even when your not exercising with us you will get in great shape and improve your health one step at a time monitoring your progress and holding you accountable while sticking to the plan that is designed for your specific goals.  

It is that easy.


I’ve tried lots of Exercise and Diet Programs in the past and Failed. What if it doesn’t work for me?

Most exercise programs out there assumes that clients move well to begin with, like athletes versus office workers.  I avoid those assumptions by taking time with each person to get a complete overview of of physical and functional abilities and get clients moving freely and joyfully.  

Research has proven.  Any fitness program that doesn’t come with a customized nutrition component will fail.  That is why at Functionally Fit, I will build you a nutritional framework that’s flexible and fits your lifestyle. 


Will It Be So Hard That I Can't Stick to it? How Do Help With Motivation?

Continuous Self Motivation Comes From Proper Planning, Accountability Strategies, & Tracking Your Progress Regularly.  At Functionally Fit we design a doable plan with you and give  private access to a great coaching experience with daily with accountability, reminders, and tracking through our exclusive online coaching app. It is an important way for us to seamlessly measure your body transformation without a big overhaul to your customized plan. All New Clients begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current lifestyle, fitness ability, goals, exercise history, and eating styles.

  Doing the essential Daily Actions that are delivered daily outside of scheduled exercise sessions along with tracking your progress data from your starting point will create lasting change.  

Honest assessments of where you are today is just a point in time.  Measurements isn’t a judgement, it’s just information for making decisions.  


Is there a Membership Commitment?

No.  Clients pay Functionally Fit directly for individual and group training. Long term commitments are paid monthly depending on your weekly commitment or online programs.  Now accepting PAYPAL as well.  I (Functionally Fit) am an independent contractor and pay rent for the use and equipment of the two different facilities I hold appointments at for One on One, group training, and weight management.  

  • The Trainer’s Club, 706 Landwehr, Northbrook IL, 60062. Individual and semi-private sessions for clients with specific limitations or concerns  are held here.
  • Championship Martial Arts, 1625 Shermer Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062 Small Group Training, and Group Weight Management meetings are held here.
  • Vickie Jo Frego, Functionally Fit,  is independently insured to run her private fitness coaching business at various locations. Including in-home training, work-site programs, parks, boutique studios, hotels,  charity events, and fitness challenges. 

If you would like to incorporate a new fitness or weight management program at your business or social group, please contact me directly at 

Subject:  "Corporate Fitness Plan"


Can you Guarantee Results?

The FTC has passed a law against this, so, I am required to say: “RESULTS MAY VARY.”   However, If you Follow our program honestly and with at least 80% dedication to your goals; and if at end of your first 28 days (more than enough time) you don’t feel that you are getting the results you want or that this program will not work for you, just let me know and I will issue a refund of the un-used time, no questions asked, no hassles, no hard feelings.

I am that confident that you’ll see and feel results like never before, you will have absolutely NO RISK at this point.  Fair enough?

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